Malaysian Delights Cupcake Candles

Malaysian Lights Candle Company

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WARNING: Some serious cupcake cravings are about to kick in any minute now! 

We like to think of the cupcake shop as we would a candy or ice cream shop. You walk in knowing what you want, then you see all the choices and end up wanting everything! Choose between 6 decadent fragrance candles, each with attention to detail so precise and accurate, you’ll be tempted to take a bite out of it. Whether it's a fruity burst of blackberry vanilla creme, or the warm aroma of pumpkin crunch, there’s no going wrong with a cupcake candle or two! These cupcake candles will transform into a container candle as it burns giving you life for 20 to 20 hours of burn time! So sit back and enjoy!

Cupcake Candles Scents to Choose from 

  • Banana Pudding
  • Fruity Sorbet
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Crema 
  • Pumpkin Crunch
  • Twisted Peppermint
  • Cranberry Bliss


*Glass container is included to burn Cupcake Candle inside of it. 

*If you choose 2 cupcake candles please note which two you want. 

 Parasoy blend wax, hand poured with love, 20-30 hours burn time