Our Process (it's down to a science!)

Our founder, Tanisha Burke is like a candle-maker meets creative scientist.

Take our "Fruity Mornings Candle" for example:

  • Tanisha got the idea from watching her niece eat her favorite cereal.
  • She then tests, mixes and blends fine oils until she matches the fragrance.
  • Next, she plays with waxes, scoops and molds until the find the perfect match for shape and texture.
  • And finally, Tanisha triple tests each candle for quality, safety and the perfect scent!

Our candles are made with quality and safety in mind.

  • Non-toxic, pure ingredients

    We only use non-toxic and high-quality oils, waxes and wicks.

  • Thoroughly tested for safety

    We treat our candle studio like a safety laboratory. Each candle is triple tested in-house.

  • Reusable Containers

    We'll show you ways to recycle and repurpose your candle containers.

  • Client-Approved Quality

    Our final test is getting the green light and thumbs up from the customers we know and love.