About A Southern Bell Candler

     Allow me to enlighten you about a woman who felt the need and readiness to elevate and move forward in her life to all things new, asking God to help guide her to walk in her purpose while following her passions. Leaving a legacy behind has always been important to me and creating a business, going after my dreams turned goals was a good start for the definition of freedom for me. There is nothing in the world like having my own and owning my own business that is solely based from my creativity. I wish words could begin to express but, I don't think these words have been created yet. So to put it simple, it means everything in this world to me to own my own company where I can be as creative as my imagination allows and spans. Celebrating every victory big and small as well as, learning from mistakes along the way. My motto is to always staying a student to my craft, my business and life. 

     My journey to Malaysian Lights, towards the end of 2019 I was on a girls trip in Amsterdam, Holland, Belgium and Paris France; during the entire trip I felt like God was showing Himself to me and allowing me to see that with Him in my life ANY and ALL things are possible. The year prior to the trip and the year before that year (2018) I had been telling close friends and family that I feel like God is about to move BIG time in my life and I just have to get ready for this new path He is about to take my life on. I did not know that apart of that path would be me starting Malaysian Lights; and so the journey to Malaysian Lights started to come into fruition.  Anyone who know me knows that I am in love with flowers, candles and the singer MAXWELL (blushing). Every year in November I budget healthy amount for buying candles at a big sale event. (With no shame I hold my head high and I own it lol) which brought me to a conversation leading to my being intrigued to make candles that started out as a suggestion, within that conversation, to buy a kit to see how I would like it. So I did. Once I made my first set of candles the creative crafter inside of me showed her beautiful inventive head full blast and I fell completely in love with candle making. After joining a few candle groups on Facebook, asking a ton of question, hours on hours researching, learning, reading experiences and support from the group along the way, (by the way the candle groups I’m in are full of AMAZING and very supportive candlers) I thought to myself, why not follow this passion and just go for it! As life brings about many changes and transformations, being in my 40s I view life very differently. Yes I am in my 40s get into it! OK, Let’s not get distracted.

     Now on this new journey in my life it is my deepest desire, driving passion and unstoppable goal to live the rest of my life doing what I love and what contributes to my happiness. It has always been a passion of mine to help, encourage, inspire, uplift moods and take care of others. Making candles allow me to still indulge is those passions on so many levels and diverse platforms. Let’s face it, I've never seen a person light a good smelling candle and frown. Candles and candle light bring joy, inspiration, thoughtful memories, beauty, calmness, relaxation, surprises, excitement and many more arousing and endearing emotions. How can I pass up living a life where I can still experience the joys of my passions all the while expressing and pouring my creativity, passion and love into something that I created with my own two hands right here in heart of the  Carolinas. I’m very thankful that God has blessed me to explore the talents He has given me with candle making being one of many. I am enjoying this journey called life the best way I know how and appreciating the people I encounter as well as the process along the way. From the bottom of my heart I truly Thank You for your support of my candle business.

My inspiration: Habakkuk 2:2-3


Continues Blessings 


Malaysian Lights