About Our Luxury Wax Products

     Our goal is to give you an elegant touch with a luxurious appearance that is a simple yet down home relatable product filled with my personal memories and moments and attention to every detail. Each luxury wax melt and candle is hand crafted and hand poured with the thought in mind of creating something inventive, modern, edgy with alluring and delightful premium fragrance. 

     Malaysian Lights prides itself on having exceptional customer service and stellar customer satisfaction. It is our priority to always maintain the best business relationship with our customers by providing excellent customer service, new innovative products, and transparent growth. Always staying a student to our business and craft. 

     Malaysian Lights look forward to growing our business with creative and exclusive products, limited editions as well as products featured seasonally and non-seasonally.  So be sure to sign up for our newsletter on our 'CONTACT US' page and follow us on our social media pages.

     I hope you enjoy the aromatic experience of Malaysian Lights as much I enjoyed crafting and creating them for you. Thank you for your business and support. 

Warning: DO NOT CONSUME candles or wax melts.