The Story Behind The Name Malaysian Lights

     One night while I was at work in the very beginning stages on my journey to Malaysian Lights, I sat and thought, I need to come up with a name for my business. It came with ease to name my company after my niece Malaysia. Malaysian Lights stuck in my head and I could go no further with my thoughts as it was settled in that very moment that my company would be name after Malaysia. The joy and peace I felt in that moment is forever engraved in my heart.       

     Ever since this little one was born she has brought light back into my world and our families world. She has also been the glue in bringing our family back together. She reminds all of us of my mom, Sandra may she rest in heaven as she smiles down upon us all. My mothers favorite color was red so it was imperative for my Malaysia's name to be written in my mom, her grandmother's, favorite color. The color black because Malaysian Lights company was birth during one of the most prolific moments in my lifetime for the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement in the year 2020.

     Malaysia's personality is so infectiously bright and she has a smile that can illuminate any room on a good and bad day. She is so smart and driven and always ready to learn something new, picking up on it fast too! She is so dainty and loves cooking with her mom, Nikkita. Playing make-up and dress up, getting her nails done with her sisters Saniyah and Markita. Going to church with her Nana. not to mention her favorite time s when she is hanging out with her Daddy, Paw Paw and Uncle Yet Yet, you know "the guys"; eating spicy food off the back of a pick up truck in a princess dress while holding a purse and scepter. Oh, lets not forget how she loves all things being a diva like her Auntie Nisha, that's Me! All smiles here! Just a little background because I could go on for days about this sweet little one, she has accomplished a lot in the 3 years she has been on this place we call earth, and I thank God everyday for allowing us to be apart of her life as she is apart of ours. So it was more than befitting to name my company after this beautiful soul, my heart and my niece Malaysia. Auntie Nisha Loves you to the moon and back!