Red Stiletto

Malaysian Lights Candle Company

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If happiness could be poured into a glass, it would most likely come in the form of the Red Stiletto. This fragrant wax blend embodies sweetness, luxury, and the finer things in life. Strawberries make for the entire top layer of the scent, filling your air with a burst of fruitiness and a little bit of tang. A delicate blend of champagne and nectarine give this scent a seductive charm and a feeling of effervescence. Base notes of black currant and sparkle leave your room smelling like 5-stars lounge long after the flames die out and the strawberries melt away. 

Top Notes: Sweet Strawberries

Middle Notes: Champagne, nectarine, fruity

Base Notes: Blackcurrant, Sparkle


9oz (255g) Parasoy blend candle, slow burning cotton wicks hand poured in small batches with love. 30-40 hour burn time