Cafe De Latte

Malaysian Lights Candle Company

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Early birds and night owls alike know how satisfying a tall glass of iced coffee can be. Cafe De Latte is our most sophisticated coffee fragrance blend to date, and is made all the more fancy with its true-to-life design that mimics the actual look of coffee and ice cubes. Top notes of coffee bean and brown sugar will transport you to the middle of your favorite cafe. Brandy, cocoa beans, and sugar make up the body of the scent, while a base of either hazelnut or vanilla help to tie the whole fragrance together and leave a pleasant after-scent long after you blow out the flames. A treat for coffee and non-coffee lovers, promise! 

Top Notes: Coffee bean, Brown sugar

Middle Notes: Brandy, Cocoa Beans, Sugar

Bottom Notes: Hazelnut or Vanilla 

15.5oz (439g) Parasoy blend candle, slow burning wicks, 50-60 hour burn time, hand poured in small batches